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Special classes


These are classes designed to introduce you to the passionate world of yoga in a way that is both gradual and highly accessible.

They are suitable for elderly people, who are guided through a host of stretching exercises to move the joints and muscles and are taught breathing, concentration and relaxation techniques.




The power to create new life from within us is a truly wondrous gift. However, it is worth remembering that pregnancy is a special time that requires a special type of care.

In these classes we use postures that help:

  • Improve your breathing and prepare you for giving birth.
  • Create greater space within your womb so that both you and your baby feel more comfortable.
  • Provide relief from typical problems associated with pregnancy (nausea, backache, migraines, etc.).
  • Favour a swifter post-natal recovery.

It is also worth noting that adapting your yoga practice to coincide with your baby’s gestation cycles helps to create closer and deeper links between you and your baby.

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