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First Introduction Course 2015-2016: from the 7th to the 30th of October. Every Wednesday and Friday from 19 to 20:30h.

To make the most of the classes it is advisable to begin with an Introduction Course of yoga.

If this is not an option then you can begin with Level 1 classes.

Pilar has a broad knowledge of many of the currently most popular and best-known yoga styles. In addition, she combines this knowledge with excellent teaching and communication skills.

The yoga Introduction Courses offered by Yoga Studio are individualized programs that include a high level of personal attention to each student.

You will learn the foundations for building a happier and more balanced life by practicing the basic postures and breathing, relaxation and concentration techniques, as well as learning about ways to develop a healthier diet.


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The course includes the following areas:

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  • Yoga for the mind and body
  • Basic Yoga for complete harmonious development
  • Suitable breathing techniques
    • Breathing during practice Deep breathing
    • An introduction to comprehensive yogic breathing
  • Suitable exercises such as the Sun Salutation
    • Detailed analysis of each movement
    • The adaptation of practice to each person’s particular needs and abilities
  • Teaching of the basic yoga postures
    • A look at how to approach each posture correctly
    • The benefits and potential side effects of yoga practice
    • You will also learn to adapt each posture to your particular physical condition, as well as how to practice “internally” and develop effective
  • Relaxation techniques.


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